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              Intelligent SMS is a True Move’s service for business customers who need targeted SMS communications to their customers effectively with fast and cost-effective solution, compared against other providers’ services. Intelligent SMS provides 2 services: Bulk SMS and Two-way SMS (or interactive mode).

- Support True Move’s web applications and customer’s custom applications
- Unlimited numbers of SMS to your customers and unlimited networks.
- User profile management
- Contact information management
- Able to set date and time of sending in advance.
- Define sender’s names up to 20 names.
- Able to prepare an SMS template message for instant use.
- Real-time communication
- Able to send out long messages.
- Support content from different file formats and able to make the same message or different messages.

Benefits for Business
1. One-to-Many communications with a targeted message that is fast and in high quality by True Move H.
2. Convenient to use, manage tailor-made messages with a variety of features.
3. Support a long message; Users read it through as one message by Concatenated Feature.
4. Duplicated Number Checking for duplicated SMS.
5. Prevent unwanted sending by Black List Number feature.
6. Serve all needs by auto-answered SMS of Two-way SMS; Convenient for a campaign that needs your customer’s feedbacks for your campaign improvement.
7. Secure platform at the same level as internet banking services with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on standard protocol like HTTPS (Hyper Text Transmission Protocol, Secure).

Diversity for your Business
True Move provides various packages which answer unique demands from diverse industries such as:
- Two-ways SMS package
- Bulk SMS package
- Per Year package for flexibility; You can manage your usage during the year.

We have a team of professional to develop an application for your specific needs. They can optimize your platform to work with our SMS, making a great improvement to your services.


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