Hospitals | Field hospitals | Medical personnel | Patients

Set up True networks covering 5G, 4G, and Wifi at 145 field hospitals and
provide mobile cell site vehicles (Cell-On-Wheel) as well as “True5G Temi” robots.

Partner with BMA, UTCC and Siriraj Hospital
to provide vaccine locations outside of hospitals
at True Digital Park.

Preparing for vaccination rollouts

Ministry of Public Health together with NBTC provide additional registration channels for COVID-19 vaccination through mobile network operators. True customers can register via 3 channels to get your injection at the on-site vaccination facility at the Central Vaccination Center at Bang Sue.

True has joined Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) together with network partners on a mission to create the “Thai Ruam Jai, Safe Bangkok” project so as to facilitate services for residents of Bangkok to have more convenient access to COVID-19 vaccination.

True customers get free side effects insurance from COVID-19 vaccination before vaccinated at TrueID app today until 31 Dec 2021

Thais | Society | Businesses

Free medical consultations

with Chiiwii’s medical volunteers
via True Health App.

Teleclinic Platform

Screening people with
mild symptoms and possibly
infected with the virus
via the Teleclinic Platform.

Online learning

Online learning via VLEARN
and work anywhere
with VWORK.

True Virtual World

Free service
via True Virtual World.

แพลตฟอร์ม Teleclinic

Online meetings via VROOM
and enjoy content on VLIVE.

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แพ็กเกจพิเศษทรูสู้โควิด แพ็กเกจพิเศษทรูสู้โควิด แพ็กเกจพิเศษทรูสู้โควิด แพ็กเกจพิเศษทรูสู้โควิด แพ็กเกจพิเศษทรูสู้โควิด
ภารกิจ 4 แพ็กเกจพิเศษ ทรูสู้โควิด ภารกิจ 4 แพ็กเกจพิเศษ ทรูสู้โควิด

Free service with special price is ready to serve you at home. Convenient, secured and easy to work and study without any interruptions.

TrueMove H

TrueMove H

Get “Learn at Home” SIM for free!
Study with no data charged.

True Online

True Online

Enjoy home internet at an affordable price
for working and studying at home.

TrueID TV Box

TrueID TV Box

Provides you with knowledge and
global entertainment.

Special offers for notebooks, tablets and wireless-connection devices.

Special offers for notebooks, tablets and wireless-connection devices

Available on True Store website and Line@TrueStore
with home delivery service for your convenience.

  • A free insurance via TrueID application, covering COVID-19 and CoVacc vaccine side effect.
  • Customers get updates on COVID-19 news via SMS, website and applications.
  • For more information, please contact 1242 / True iService / the Genius Assistant “Mari AI”.
True Care

A service of COVID-19 related information
from reliable sources for public benefit


TrueMove H customers

Get news updates via
SMS for free

True Care True Care True Care

Connecting everyone
with most advanced online possibilities

We are committed to keep you connected during the Covid-19 pandemic.
With this in mind, we created the True Virtual World to empower
students to study online, enable businesses to thrive,
and enrich family experience together.

Access our online tools

*TrueMove H customers can use True Virtual World
without data charges until July 31, 2021.

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CP Hearts as
One Fights COVID-19

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