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with most advanced online possibilities

We are committed to keep you connected during the Covid-19 pandemic.
With this in mind, we created the True Virtual World to empower
students to study online, enable businesses to thrive,
and enrich family experience together.

Access our online tools

*TrueMove H customers can use True Virtual World
without data charges until July 31, 2021.

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True offers the ultimate remote learning tool to keep everyone organized,
well-informed, and focused on their studies - helping to create advanced learning experience.

*Students, teachers and education personnel who are TrueMove H customers
can access school or university websites without data charges. Click here

True empowers organisations to thrive in the midst of unexpected changes.
We offer tools for online meetings with partners, manage your teams, assign tasks and much more.

During this time when you are staying home to work or to learn, we feel it's important
for each family to share and explore experiences through wide-range content from around the world.

*For TrueVisions customers, upgrade your package
at no cost for 60 days starting from March 25, 2020

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  • True customer exclusive! Use 30 TruePoint to redeem a 30-day COVID-19 Dhipaya Insurance (up to ฿100,000 of medical bill coverage). Start redeeming on April 1, 2020.
  • Get news and updates about COVID-19 pandemic
  • Call to TrueMove H number for free on the application up to 60 minutes per month
  • Access unlimited entertainment-TV programmes, movies, sports and music
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TrueID : Entertainment anywhere anytime

True wants to make your stay-at-home life easier.
Here are items to help you learn, work and be safe at home.

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