Terms and Conditions

“True 006 Topping Package for calling to China”

1 International Direct Dialing service via 006 prefix is provided by True Move H Universal Communication Company Limited (“TUC”) (referred to herein as “Company”)

2 This promotion is for both individual and corporation customers who use postpay and prepay TrueMove H.

3. Customers must register to join the “Topping Package” promotion commencing from 25 September 2015 until 31 December 2020 or until COMPANY shall otherwise inform any change to customers.

4. Call rate package(s) for international calls via 006 prefix for this promotion is/are as follows:

Topping package for calling to China

Country Package (Baht) Special rate (Baht/min.)
China 100 1.50

4.1 This topping package is for a minimum lump sum package

- China package via IDD 006 values 100 Baht having a special rate 1.5 Baht/minute. The special rate shall be deducted from 100 Baht until full deduction is met.

- In the event customers use up the above purchased value, the company will charge for an additional usage minutes based on the Company’s mass rate (which is not the above special rate).

4.2 Any international call other than the country of the topping package will be charged based on the Mass Rate.

4.3 Term of the package

4.3.1 Case prepaid customers, term of the package is 30 days. The package will not be automatically renewed until customers press signing up for applying the package.

4.3.2 Case postpaid customers, term of the package is 30 days. The package will be automatically renewed based on a monthly basis until the service is cancelled

4.4 In case customer uses the topping package in any month less than the package price, customer shall not be allowed to carry the balance to accumulate for the next month.

4.5 Call rate shall be minimum charged for the first minute. The following minutes shall be divided into 10 units of minute, each has 6 seconds. Fragment of a unit shall be charged at one unit. 4.6 Call rate is exclusive of 7% VAT

5. This promotion proposed for voice service only, international SMS, international roaming call and other value added services shall be excluded from the promotion.

6. COMPANY reserves the rights to suspend, change or cancel this promotion if there is any illegal use or failure to comply with any term and condition specified under this promotion.

7. COMPANY reserves the rights to amend, alter, suspend or cancel the promotion without any prior notice if any regulation, order or policy stipulated by relevant governmental authority is issued, causing COMPANY to amend, alter, suspend, or cancel any term and condition hereof, or such the order increases burden to COMPANY’s operations.

8. Before obtaining this promotion, Customers shall find out more details at www.truemove.com or True Move Care on 1242 or True shop sale representatives. COMPANY reserves its rights to cancel its service, alter any type of service, amend any condition or call rate as it deems appropriate by 30 days written notice in advance.