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Internet of Things

         Internet Technology has become a significant part, and a part of everyone’s daily life. Every component has beencontinuously developed from just the channel and tool of communication between one person and another, to the communication ability betweendevices. 

         Various devices have been developed with Internet connectivity for data transmission and communication among each other as if the whole world is downsized to be in onedevice or one thing that has its own IP Address. It is believed that in the near future, these various devices and things will consume Internet more than human do, and that is the source and importance of “Internet is a part of everything”. 

         The above mentioned data connection and communication between devices can be referred asM2M (Machine to Machine).

M2M (Machine to Machine)

         M2M is a data connection and communication between devices or tools or things, either with or without wires. Such electronic devices are Smart Machines with their own data processing and communication abilities. M2M has significant components as classified below:

         1. Server which is used for such database, processing and communication that requires a high level of flexibility in data capacity, accessibility and security with good and effective data protection. It is recommended that M2M server shall be provided by a well-established service provider with accredited quality standard and experts who can give advices and consultations for the right services to your business. 

        2. Connectionwhich requires a high stability, and supports a highvolume of data connection with sufficient speed.It is recommended that M2M connection shall be provided by a well-established communication network provider withthe most area coverage to best support all service areas and serve every connection with high quality. 

        3. Electronic devices including genius sensors that can help measure, process and report outcome to another device, or send it back to another server. It is recommended that M2M Smart Machine must serve the right usage, have good quality and can work effectively, and shall be provided with good aftersales service with expert advice and suggestion, as well as, effective assistance if any urgent matters happen.

Samples of M2M Service

1. Fleet Management

Fleet Management refers to the use ofGPS-equipped device (foridentifyingcoordinates)and SIM card (to connect to the Internet, send information back to your office). These devices shall beinstalled in a car or any other type of vehicle, and can be connected with the equipment or sensors such as at fuel tank cap, temperature sensor for freezer/fridge or recording camera, etc. to record data and investigate performance and service of that car, or record any significant scenes that may occur, etc. 

2. Telemedical

Besides automobile service, M2M can be used with various business types such as in hospital. Theheart rate monitor and wrist or heel strapscan be used to track or remind patients to take pills, etc. 

3. Telemetry

Telemetry is the combination of communication technology and electricity and water measuring tools to investigate any abnormalities if there are any leakages. The installed tool and censor will notify and transmit the abnormal value to relevant persons to come in to investigate the problems. 

4. Vending Machine

There will be no longer waste of time for sending out your staff to investigate the merchandise inventory volume in your automatic vending machine if you use the vending machine that installs the sensors, all the recorded data, inventory types, and locations can be easily and quickly transmitted to the back office, so you can promptly have the reports with all required information.

5. ATM

We all use ATM at all times. ATM is one of the M2M technologies. ATM processes, receives and sendsusers’ data back and forth among machines and head office server. This enormous amount of data can be retrieved out and send back for daily record via Internet technology. This is also called M2M connection. 

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