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          Several key factors influencing the growth of automobile and motorcycle dealers or auto repair & maintenance service centers include the efficiency of the service standard, quick response to customers’ needs, and effective cost control in the organizations. Entrepreneurs shall not overlook these key factors since the more intensive competition in the automotive business are nowadays, the higher demands for tools or solutions have been developed to increase higher business efficiency and advantage.

           Starting Auto Repair & Maintenance Service Center and Automobile Motorcycle Dealership Business with Dealer Solution

1. Reduce your organization costs

    - Free Call within the group (FMC) 

Save money on your cell phone and office phone bills when calling within your group. These contact numbers within your group that you can call for free can be saved into iDirectory App.

    - Create your product brochure in both slide show (iCatalog) and interactive/responsive formats

You can update information in your files anytime which help reduce printing costs and paper wastes once the information is out-of-date. Also, you can access and send your product brochure to your customers anywhere and anytime.

    - Mobile Device Management System (iMDM: Mobile Device Management)

iMDM software helps managing smartphones and tablets, for instance; by providing access to applications and information in the devices; preventing the exceed of Internet access limit, and maintaining the security when the devices are lost or stolen.

    - Electronic Media Management System (Digital Signage)

Electronic Media in each service center can be controlled from a central location via Internet system and Cloud which can be quickly modified. Each service center can have a different format as appropriated. It helps reduce printing costs as you do not need to print out your media many times if any changes need to be made.

    - Cloud Service

You can store all kinds of data in the Cloud Service. Each service center has no need to invest for a dedicated server. The Cloud Service storage rental can help you save more money. Cloud Service also includes a basic service program such as Office 365. (This basic office service program enables you to access or browse your work files anywhere via Internet).

2. Increase Productivity

    - Internet Link

The Internet connection is direct to the service centers with faster, more secure and optimized usage than other common types of Internet connection.

    - Mobile Application

Mobile Application is a popular technology in many businesses as it can be designed to suit entrepreneurs’ needs and purposes. Customers can receive useful information and can take a full advantage of the application benefits.There are many types of basic applications for your own selection.

    - Branch Solution

The connection between each service center is quick so that you can easily and promptly check your service records and your customers’ ordered items, etc.

    - iMeeting

It can facilitate meetings or share expert instruction to all branches if there are not enough experts.

3. Increasing Efficiency in Customer Service

    - Customer Engagement through CRM

Bulk SMS service helps deliver your SMS messages for press releases, promotions, notifications, or building a good relationship with your customers such as Happy Birthday wishes to customers via SMS, etc.

4. Creating a positive customer experience when they visit your showroom

    - True Digital Signage creates and delivers media ads between branches to inform, promote and communicate current events, press releases, messages and other entertainment news.

    - True Visions stimulates more access to knowledge and entertainment when your customers visit your showroom.

    - Private Wi-Fi Internet service while your customers are waiting for your service.

Why Dealer Solution with True?

1. True is a Convergence leader in complete communication technology service provider.

2. True has received many accredited standards for products and services, ensuring the best quality for our customers.

3. Our ICT Solution team is ready for expert consultation, suggestion and assistance in Dealer Solution planning to serve every business.

4. Our Service Management Center team is available throughout 24 hours.

For more information and offerings, please contact our sales representatives or call Business Call Center Tel. 02-900-9100. 


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