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        Nowadays, telecommunication technology advance can be beneficially applied for medical purposes to ease, speed up and save time for medical treatments and public health, and provide better and more convenient communication, so that patients and physicians do not need to be at the hospital, and patients can consult their illnesses with their physicians while they are at home, or the physicians also can follow up their patient’s illnesses from the physicians’ home as well. 

        Telemedicine/Telehealth is another type of medical treatment service with the implementation of communication technology through the Internet. Patients do not need to travel to hospital. Both patients and physicians can see each other’s face, talk and communicate with each other via their computer screens. 

Service Type

         Service via high-speed Internet and highly efficient Video Conference, and such multimedia as digital image and video, leads to new medical applications, classified into 3 main types according to the data transmission’s characteristics: 

1. Medical data transmission such as X-ray film, lab test result, image or video, patient’s records are available for physicians or medical specialists to analyze the diseases and plan the treatments. This type of service is data transmission via e-mail which is commonly used for medical consultation and analysis for diseases or treatment recommendation, following up on chronic disease treatment for patients in remote areas such as cardiac disease, diabetes, asthma, and etc. Examples for follow up treatment are self check of blood sugar level by blood sugar device from finger tip, and result submission to the physician by telephone, fax or email for the physician to suggest and adjust the medication for the diabetic treatment, thus the patient has no need to visit the physician at the hospital.  

2. Immediate Real Time conversation between patients and physicians or medical staff can be done with such supporting technology as phone or video conference that both sides can see each other’s face. This will help expert physicians in other hospitals to be able to check patients’ record, order for medical check up, and assess mental conditions of patients from the other hospitals who requested for such advice by having physicians who requested for advice staying with the patients to help check up, according to the advice of expert physicians.


1. More effective medical treatment and levelling up service standards to be more accurate. 

2. Increasing the effectiveness of treatment accessibility for patients in remote areas to be able to get checkup and analysis by expert physicians in time.

3. Reducing medical treatment expenses, physicians’ time for travelling, and help reducing hospital admission time. 

4. Patients will be more convenient with no need to travel far to hospital.

Main Technology

1. Internet Connectivity providing high speed Internet for fast data connection, accessibility for data and medical programs, or downloading treatment results.

2. 3G/4G system with nation-wide coverage ensuring high performance in communication.

3. Video Conference helps the physicians not to travel far and if any emergencies happen, they can advise or perform an operation from anywhere.

Suitable business

• Hospitals 

• Clinics   

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