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      Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a solution for all business types as it helps to create organizational flexibility. BCM helps preparing your organization to be ready to cope with such circumstances that may cease or affect your organizational service or operation. 

      In this recent situation, every business may experience risks and unexpected situations at any time. When the business does not plan well enough to prevent such problems as flood, fire or political turbulence, their information, work system, place or personnel can be affected and damaged. Once emergency situations arise, each business normally does not have the same emergency plan or resistance against those situations; for instance, if a hospital has a power shutdown, a lot of losses may occur. Based on statistics, about 87% of those businesses that do not prepare any plan to cope with the unexpected and urgent situations have experienced damages and are unable to recover themselves back to normal. Only 13% can solve the problems and get themselves recovered back to normal. (Source from CIO Inside : BCM Team)

      Damages that may happen in organizational operations are not acceptable for any businesses.  All businesses need to be able to serve customers, communicate with customers and staff, compete in the market, and continue operating on a safety basis. This is why BCM is originated and important. 

Consider BCM for Your Business

      BCM considers different conditions that will cause discontinuity in business operations if any urgent situations occur, and concern about the risk level that may happen and required resources which consist of:

1. Human Resources, the most important component which requires preparation, including knowledge and practical training when emergency situations arise.

2. Responding Pattern or Plan consists of the ways to respond to each situation, required resources such as place, information and technology, etc. to create such pattern that matches each business.  

Main Technology used with BCM

       The main technology used with BCM recently consists of three technologies, which are;

1. Cloud Computing

It helps to record data as a larger server and allows you to access data from anywhere at any time. The current capability of Cloud is considered to have the highest information security level. Users are able to get data quickly from anywhere at any time. And, many programs can be adapted to use with Cloud. 

2. Internet (Connectivity)

The high speed Internet for quick data connection includes data and program accessibility, data downloading, and connecting data and users around the world.

3. Mobility

It will enable accessibility and usage of data or program from anywhere at any time.

BCM is suitable for which business types?

       BCM is suitable for all types of business because every business can experience risks at any time. BCM considers the risks that may happen to the business and the ability to respond to urgent situations. BCM does not need to be implemented in every part of business, as you can select the pattern and service that are appropriate with the need and risk level of your organization, and arrange the most suitable plan. For instance, banks use BCM to maintain and backup data, and link data from each branch without any problems arising in any minute, because it is a standard security, prevention and service.

Why BMC with True?

       True is a complete communication technology service provider or Convergence provider who has received many accredited standards, and has service teams that are available throughout 24 hours. Our ICT Solution team is ready for consultation, suggestion and assistance in BCM planning to serve every business.

       Cloud Computing taken care by True Internet Data Center (TIDC), the only center in Thailand with the accredited standards of ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO22301, can ensure your confidence for our high level of data security. 

• True Internet is a leader and expert in high-speed internet provider in Thailand, ensuring smooth and strong data connection.

• TrueMove H is a market leader in communication service, Mobile Network with various service forms, SMS, Mobile Internet connection, 3G technology and the first 4G service provider in Thailand.


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