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              iFleet Tracking is a genius vehicle tracking and monitoring system. Knowing where your vehicles are throughout 24 hours, iFleet Tracking provides the accurate, timely data you need and manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively. Cut your operational costs and increase customer satisfaction. It features an easy-to-read report on a digital map with an effective integration between the GPS satellite and the quality wireless networks from TrueMove H.

Outstanding Features

• Safe and sound and you will not miss all your vehicle movement

         Able to track and monitor every movement of your vehicles and personnel while on duty throughout 24 hours. iFleet Tracking provides the accurate location report to reduce the impact of vehicle and asset theft or accidents. Also track improper use of your vehicles, such as driving faster than the limit, a vehicle is stopped at a location for longer than specified time and driving out of the route etc.

• Convenient and easy to use anywhere anytime                                                                        

         It is convenient and easy to use iFleetTracking via a variety of devices including computer, smartphone and tablet. Making it possible to track and monitor the location of vehicles and drivers anywhere anytime. It also can provide detailed reports and alerts that show improper events. View monthly summary reports in full details to analyze long-term fleet performance trends.

• Cut your operational costs and avoid unnecessary expenses

         FleetTracking can help to reduce costs by improving fleet management efficiency, to minimize replacement costs and can provide the quickest and most convenient route planning to reduce the complicated routes which results in unnecessary fuel costs. Furthermore, it can help to cut other operational costs such as vehicle maintenance, additional labor cost in case you need someone to closely take care for your products and cargo insurances, etc.


- You will not miss all your vehicle movement. Promote safety and security in your goods, drivers and vehicles.

- Cut your unnecessary expenses and driver behavior monitoring.

- A worthwhile fleet management making the most of your benefits.

- Convenient and easy to use anywhere anytime via both smartphone and tablet. 

- Easy-to-read report on a digital map with many formats for you to choose. 

- View summary reports in full details.

iFleet Tracking is suitable for the following businesses:

- Transportation and distribution business such as trucks and containers.

- Vehicle rental service business such as car rental and motorcycle rental.

- General transportation and shuttle business such as school-shuttle bus and tourist-shuttle bus.

- Security business such as security vans and vehicles to transport of high-value goods.




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