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             IP Network Private Line data communication service via 3G/EDGE/GPRS wireless networks by Total Solution service connects between your head office and branch offices such as ATM, KIOS, Booth Exchange and long distance monitor, etc. It is suitable to use in the area that the network (wire line) are unable to access, areas that have permission problem for wiring, high costs and sites requiring easy transportation and fast installation.


Outstanding Features

1. Data communication services of Private Link (Wireless) via networks.

2. Enabling a high stability of data transmission (Network Availability) with the service of two different networks.  

3. Quick installation and no need to wait for a leased line, especially on the buildings that need to pay rental fees for a leased line or not having any more leased line available.

4. Providing the Authentication System with 3 levels which are User Name, Password and Mobile Phone.

5. The devices support GRE Tunnel and IP-Sec uses, and the network for each customer is separated to ensure the security of Upload / Download data. Each point is also determined as Fixed WAN IP which will be able to Remote into the terminal. 

6. Many business partners provide 3G/EDGE/GPRS services from the 3 backbone providers (TrueMove H, DTAC and AIS). 

7. Increasing users' confidence with the Monitoring System on Proactive Fault Management.


1. Convenient, fast and easy to install and for transportation.

2. Reduce costs for internal lines.

3. Reduce the permission process for internal lines. 

4. No problems with the service areas.

5. High security with Total Solution by True.

WDS Total Solution includes:

1. MPLS circuit from Mobile Operator to the customer office.

2. 3G Router model, able to insert 2 SIM card.

3. SIM Card from the different networks for 2 SIMs (Active - Standby).

4. Proactive Monitoring Services

5. Key Security Management (Option)


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