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               IP DID is a voice communication service on a leased line which can be used 30 channels simultaneously on NGN network through MPLS and connected with IP branch exchange hardware by using SIP protocol to communicate to each other. It has the same service platform as ISDN-PRI.

Outstanding Features

• Enhance your corporate image.

• Increase your customer satisfaction.

• Increase your communication efficiency.

• High security. Unable to intercept, offering an automatic telephone dialing service as a digital phone system.

• Reduce the number of busy lines of calling in and out by an operator automated answering system.

• Save cost, easy maintenance and control the cost.

• Higher efficiency and quality as it is connected to the major telephone exchange.

• Automatic telephone dialing system is connected to the major telephone exchange unlike conventional phone system which needs to call via an operator.


• Able to provide voice communication service via MPLS on both Fiber and Copper lines.

• Able to connect to branch exchange on both IP (SIP) and TDM (E1).

• With 1 Trunk, you can make and receive calls simultaneously from up to 10 lines.

• The quality of digital sound is clear with the best value for calling rates.

• Support both Analog and Digital phone systems, FAX system, Call Center system and etc.

• Support different kinds of special digits such as 4-digit numbers and etc.

• Value-added services including Emergency Call Forwarding, Load Sharing and etc. in case of having more than one branch.


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